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StorySlam Oakland is a meetup for people who like to tell or listen to true stories.

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We put on three events every month, sometimes more. StorySlam Oakland is our flagship show. It's a competition "Slam" where people tell true stories on a theme, and the audience votes for their favorite story. That show has a ticket price but Meetup members usually get discounts.

The theme changes every month. For current themes, check out http://www.storyslamoakland.com/themes.html

Spontaneous Storytelling is our other monthly event. It happens in Oakland as well as San Francisco.

At the beginning of the event, everyone is invited to play our unique and fun icebreaker game which will get you talking and mingling with everyone there. Or just come for the show - the game is optional.

How the Show Works:

After the icebreaker game, we start the storytelling. Put your name in the hat for a chance to tell a true, personal story of your own on the theme(s). We select themes from the audience and encourage people to tell a story spontaneously on one of the suggested themes, or inspired by someone else's story.

If you played the icebreaker, you'll already be warmed up to speak.

If you get chosen, you will have up to 5 minutes to tell your story. Stories MUST be true, about YOU (not mainly about someone else, etc.) and told in 5 minutes or less.

You win a drink ticket just for getting up there!

No notes or reading allowed. You will hear a bell at 5 minutes, indicating it's time to end your story. There is time for 7 to 10 open-mic storytellers.

We may also present one or two Featured Storytellers who will entertain us with longer stories on the theme.

At StorySlam, the audience gets to vote on their favorite story. The winner gets bragging rights and the option to return as a Featured Storyteller at a later date. At Spontaneous Storytelling, there's no voting.

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StorySlam online: "Cats & Dogs" - with award-winning storytellers

Matthew Dicks has won storytelling shows on the East Coast for years, including 6 times as the Moth Grand Slam winner. He has written books, and has a podcast, "Speak Up Storytelling," about the art of true storytelling. We're super excited to feature him as our headliner for this show! We'll also put up some new, and favorite, award-winning storytellers as the curated performers. Cats & Dogs - got a story about a special animal? Put your name in the super fun Random Name Picker Wheel for a chance to tell. We'll have time for a few open-mic storytellers after the main program. Stories must be 5 minutes or less. No notes or reading allowed. Remember to buy your ticket early before it sells out. An RSVP on Meetup is just a placeholder. It is not a guarantee of entry - please buy a ticket at this link below to ensure your spot. Tickets are by donation. Suggested donation: $10, but pay what you can. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/storyslam-oakland-cats-and-dogs-true-stories-told-live-tickets-113970841856 Thanks for all your support of independent arts like StorySlam Oakland. Your support is what keeps us going during these tough times. -Julie

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