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This meetup group is exclusively for straight spouses in and around Richmond, Virginia. Our purpose is to give straight spouses a safe and confidential place to talk with others who have been there.

Current or former straight spouses and partners of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people are welcome to share in the conversation (or just be there to listen). Whether you have been aware that you are a straight spouse for decades or you just found out yesterday - this group is here for you.

When straight spouses learn the truth that their partners are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender, they need to know they are not alone. Others who have been there are uniquely aware of the impact on spouses and family members when a partner comes out. This group offers a place to talk about these unique issues, help lessen isolation, and aid healing in a difficult situation.

Through our shared experiences, spouses or partners learn to cope constructively with

• Shock, hurt, anger, and self-blame
• Deception, distrust, and confusion
• Powerlessness and grief
• Loss of meaning in their lives
• Their partner's sexual orientation/gender identity
• Their own crisis of identity
• AIDS, STDs, and other health issues
• Effects on the children and relatives
• Healing and moving on

We are part of a network of peer support groups around the world associated with The Straight Spouse Network. SSN face-to-face groups have helped many straight spouses with healing and empowerment to cope constructively. Please refer to the SSN web site for more information about being a straight spouse (www.straightspouse.org).

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