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Strange Brew - a beer sharing and tasting group

The purpose of this group is share craft beers that you might not normally have had a chance to try. We will each bring in a few brews and everyone will get samples until the bottles are empty. We don't want to bring standard beers that anyone can get everywhere. The idea is to bring in beers that are a little more unique: new releases, seasonal, special editions, one-offs, rare to Pittsburgh brews, home brews or even beers that you pick up out of the area... that sort of thing. This isn't meant as an exchange group as we will be drinking the brews at the meetups.

There are basically two sides to what could be brought to the meetups. The first would be beers that you would be able to buy in the area but are a little uncommon. Those would be the seasonal, new releases, special releases, etc. It is possible that many people would not normally get a chance to try these brews either because they sell out or because people do not realize that these are available. Once we get a chance to try these beers we might be able to go out to find them and buy them for ourselves. This is nice because if you try something that you like, you can keep an eye out and get more.

The other side would be beers that we would not be able to buy in the area. Those would be home brews and beers brought in from out of the area. Home brews are obviously not available anywhere except at the brewer’s house. When I travel I like to stop in at bottleshops to see what they have available. I often find beers that I have never seen before and that I know are not available in Pittsburgh. This is nice because you would be able to try or share brews that we might never see again, a unique experience.

We will be able to try each brew and discuss what we like or do not like about it. People who know a lot about beer will be able to share insight that others might not know and help educate those new to craft beers. People who are just getting into craft beers will be able to taste different styles. They will be able to hear what other like minded folk think about each and compare that to their own opinions.

Outside of not wanting commonly available brew brought in, we are NOT going to be a snob minded group. People of all levels of experience and all levels of taste are welcome. The only way to get the Pittsburgh beer scene to grow is to have new people learn about craft beers. The only way to learn about beer is to try a variety.

If you like it, drink it!

New Group Rules:

Bring some unique, unusual or rare (for the area) beer for everyone to try. Just 2 bottles of 12oz brews, or 1 of larger bottles.

Have a good time.

Repeat rules 1 and 2 at the next Strange Brew...

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