Let's Get Strange! 1st Meetup of 'Stranger Themes' of Indiana Discussion Group

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5542 E 50 S

5542 E 50 S · Lafayette, IN

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Tippecanoe County Public Library - Wyandotte branch (east of Interstate 65) in the Timberstone room

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"Once you're lost in 'Twilight's Blue', you don't find the way - The Way finds you..."

Greetings and Salutations to the 'strange people' of Indiana!
I'm excited to announce our first meetup as a group -- Saturday, September 28th, from 12:00 to 5:00 at the Tippecanoe County Public Library - Wyandotte location east of Interstate 65, Timberstone room.

Plenty of time for open discussion and sharing of personal experiences, and I'll have some content queued-up to spur discussion as well. Feel free to post discussion topics in the 'Discussions' section of the Meetup site, here's a partial list of possible discussion topics but please add ideas of your own:
- Sasquatch/Bigfoot
- Remote Viewing/ESP
- Stranger Things Netflix series and/or other shows, movies, books that touch on 'Stranger Themes'
- Actual location of 'Hawkins' Indiana (nearer to Lafayette than you realize)
- Ley Lines, 'charged' or 'energetic' locations
- Multi-dimensional universe, 'Ultraterrestrials,' time travel, 'Superspectrum'
- 'Shadow people'
- Tuatha De Denaan, 'Druids' or Celts - the 'Shining Ones'; Fae or 'Fey' energy/entities

Once again, just a 'starter list' of things we can explore as a group...

Join us on the 28th for fellowship, new friendships, and camaraderie with other people who have fun talking about 'weird' ideas and trying to unlock the secrets of the universe(s)!

Best regards,

Antonin Feori