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People = Possibilities!

Look around... we live in a world more connected yet more disconnected, than ever. Craving face to face connection? Let’s skip the small talk. Carlyn Shaw (http://www.carlynshaw.com/) brings us all together knowing our stories connect us all.

Welcome to Strangers To Friends (http://www.strangerstofriends.com/)!

Life, it happens!
New to town? Native and want a new scene? Career change? Health makeover? Relationship shift? Carlyn Shaw, Founder and Facilitator, makes sure you feel safe, seen, heard and leave feeling good from the real connection you make from all the right people who show up to “play on purpose”. That’s right... as adults we forget that meeting new people for the sake of curiosity is the catalyst to new friendships, relationships, business connections and major synchronicity that manifests major magic! Plus...no one leaves feeling left out or lonely.:)

Introverted? Extroverted? Great! Everyone is invited. Name Tags and Conversation Starters Provided. It’s time to put down your phone & turn to the people all around you: and say HI! The concept: "lead with YOU... rather than, What do you do?" Bringing people together, knowing everyone shows up for a reason, is not only Carlyn's passion, but her purpose. Build confidence and create friendship. A variety of monthly STF events will cater to all -- so please share with others, and of course.... don't be a stranger!


VISIT OUT OUR SITE to learn more & ready awesome stories on the Blog! : www.StrangersToFriends.com


Love the work Carlyn's creating connections? Please support her...supporting you! Any extra exchange of energy is appreciated. Your Contribution is beyond appreciated https://www.meetup.com/Strangers-To-Friends-Meetup/contribute/

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