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** We are now offering on-line workshops and video support - check out Strategic-Mindfulness.com (https://www.strategic-mindfulness.com/)

With occasional live events. Next LIVE daylong will be SATURDAY, OCT 26. See schedule.

Stephanie Nash, the guiding teacher, has started to offer ON-LINE PROGRAMS - and free support - which will be available in January of 2019 - starting with "Rewire Eating Habits" to help address unwanted over-eating and help people establish a healthy relationship to food and their bodies. Support communities are also available after each workshop.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: www.strategic-mindfulness.com (https://www.strategic-mindfulness.com/)

Stephanie Nash has been a chief facilitator with Shinzen Young, master meditation teacher and founder of the Unifed Mindfulness system, for over a decade and combines his teachings with other methods - for the purpose of creating more Ease, Clarity, Focus and Presence in one's life. Stephanie designed a mindfulness training for a Harvard Medical School brain study and now speaks and teaches mindfulness programs for executives and organizations. Her meditations and courses on the Insight Timer are very popular. Her work with food & eating has been featured on KPFK, the Gary Null support group, and for various professional organizations as part of their mindfulness programs.

For more info for ON-LINE COURSES: www.strategic-mindfulness.com (https://www.strategic-mindfulness.com/)

For more information - including links to guided meditations, youtube videos and blog entries about bringing mindfulness into daily life: www.MindfulnessArts.org/blog (http://www.mindfulnessarts.org/blog)

May all your days be mindful.

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