React Meetup - It's time for Good Idea / Bad Idea

This is a past event

22 people went

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18:30 - Meet & Mingle
19:00 - How to Write a Good HOC Using Render Props - Dean Shub
19:40 - Pizza break!
20:00 - How to Write Bad Code in Redux - Adam Klein
20:40 - Raffle - FREE ticket to ReactNext 2018!

More about the talks and speakers:

***How to Write a Good HOC Using Render Props - Dean Shub, Software Architect @ Sisense***

* what is HOC?
* why do need HOC?
* let's build an HOC!
* what's wrong with this pattern?
* what is a render prop?
* let's build a render prop!
* how to create HOC with a render prop?
* why is that better?
* standing ovation

Dean Shub a well known JS specialist and Sisense architect for the last 3 years.
Dean gave a century of his life to Mamram where he founded JOE, the IDF's opensource developers platform, he also served as a CTO consultant for the IEC and is the organizer of "Fullstack & Beyond" meetups.
And now Dean is coming to share his wisdom with us, Oh and his awesome too :)

***How to write bad code in Redux - Adam Klein, CTO @ 500Tech***

"Redux forces you to write good code" - I've heard that sentence many times. In fact - it's quite easy to write bad code with Redux, as I've seen many times.In this talk I will talk about best practices and techniques with Redux, and do some live refactoring.

Adam is a web developer by day, open sourcerer by night (angular-tree-component, mobx-angular).
Adam is one of Israel's leading community activists, an international speaker, and one of the organizers of AngularUP conference.
He used to be an international salsa dancer and choreographer, but still finds speaking about code more exciting than dancing in front of an audience.

See you at Como HQ!