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Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Dr Simon , a practicing Medical Doctor, specialized in Clinical Neurophysiology, and Hypnotherapy. Stress is a root cause of many diseases, and according to WHO suicide due to depression will be the number 1 cause of death by 2020. As a physician, I feel responsible to increase public awareness in this matter.

That is why I have developed my passion in helping people managing stress in a natural way. "Prevention is better than cure", who does not know it, right?

This group is a community of like-minded individuals looking to improve their relationship with BODY-MIND-SOUL. Social connectivity is important for health - this is a no-shame environment. Feel free to share. At least I will be here with you to support your journey.

I will use both Metaphysics and Neuroscience (Mind-Body-Spirit) to create massive motivation within us as well as will attract huge positive energy from universe to connect with our higher-self (self ascension) so that we know what is our ultimate purpose in this world. And, when we are connected with our higher-self, stress does not cause distress anymore.

Slogan of the Club: Find your inner voice, and inspire others to find theirs.

Objective of the Club: 4 L of Life: Live, Love, Learn, Legacy

Theme Song: Stand up for the champions (Right Said Fred)


Dr Simon MSH

Contact: 0182055215

• ** Note: I will organize various events frequently. I will contact by whatsapp or email to everyone who have RSVPed our events to update our activities. Photos and Videos will be taken during the events. By providing your contact number/email, you agree to receive further communication from me or my co-organizers.

• This group was not created for receiving professional stress management service but to meet people from different paths of life and build relationships.

• Future activities of this group is to organize social meet ups to share thoughts or just to gossip away some time over a cup of coffee. Overall idea is to create a friendly environment and community to make new friends

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Unleash the Power of Mind: Hypnotherapy

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Unleash the Power of Mind: Hypnotherapy

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Unleash the Power of Mind: Hypnotherapy

Online event

Cardiovascular Health: Fitness & Nutrition

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