Lauri Apple - Diversity in Tech // Dan North - Techniques for effective feedback

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• 17:30 Gates opening

• 18:00 Lauri Apple - What Does "Diversity in Tech" Really Mean, Anyway?

• 18:40 Dan North - Making a sandwich - techniques for effective feedback

• 19:30 Pizza + beverages + networking

• 20:30 Afterparty at Google Grund (1082 Budapest, Nagytemplom u. 30 (,19.0740895,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x4741dcf761796f2f:0xe90e5ec36e0bf962?hl=hu))

Lauri Apple ( -What Does "Diversity in Tech" Really Mean, Anyway?

In this interactive talk, Zalando Open Source Evangelist Lauri Apple will ask the audience to define what "diversity in tech" means to them, before sharing her own perspective (based on research, case studies, and some personal observations). She'll then talk about bias, focusing on ways that unconscious biases influence the makeup of our tech teams, the industry, and the way we define "diversity." Finally, she'll suggest ways that technologists can use common agile practices to promote diversity in their teams and workplaces.

Dan North ( - Making a sandwich: techniques for effective feedback

Feedback is one of the most important skills when collaborating with others. Giving and receiving feedback with honesty, integrity and empathy is hard. Doing so consistently takes practise and requires learning and practising feedback and listening techniques.In this session, Dan discusses a number of feedback models and techniques and shows you where and how you can apply them. He explains the infamous and much-misunderstood “sandwich model” of feedback, how it works and why it usually doesn’t, and looks at some of the failure modes of feedback. Are you using feedback to help your colleagues and yourself to grow, or are you using it to coerce and control them? How do you know? And what does any of this have to do with Systems Theory? After this session you will be better equipped to offer feedback, more resilient when receiving feedback, and maybe more aware of your own motivations for doing so.

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