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4th Sunday Regular Gathering
Happy Hour is 4-6 Introductions (first names only) and Highs and Lows (where each parent can take ~~3min to celebrate and then vent about their teen) start at 4 Topic for Discussion and Sharing: August 26: Dating: Brainstorming Boundaries and Fences Practical tips, tools and strategies to help you strengthen your relationship with your teenager so that you can feel better equipped to support them through everyday issues and tough times

Clyde Common

1014 Southwest Stark Street · Portland

What we're about

Strictest Parents on the Planet - SPOPs for short

Has your teen accused you of this? Do you worry it is true?

We are a group of parents whose sweet little babes have morphed into self-centered, accusatory teens. And we are tired of feeling alone – because we aren’t alone after all!!

Are your incredibly smart teen’s grades in the tank and you worry you’ve done something wrong? Us too.
Do you worry the dating boundaries you have made are unreasonable? Us too.
Have you restricted phone or internet use only to be accused of being worse than history's worst dictators? Us too.
Do you look around at the other parents around you, convinced they have it all together while you don’t? Us too.
Do you ever find yourself second-guessing yourself and worrying your parenting decisions will somehow ruin your teen’s future? Us too.

Come join some like-fearing parents for some sharing and a bit of common commiserating. Twice a month we will do a bit of fun and a bit of talking on a specific topic. We meet in the afternoons (come and go from 4pm to about 8pm) on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month. We will also try some other activities - Shakespeare in the Park in the Summer and we are thinking of bowling the Fall.

No pretenses. No bragging. No judging.

Honest sharing. Empathetic listening. Lots of laughing.

Because we believe if you love your teen, being the Strictest Parents on the Planet is a good thing. Come join the club. Literally.

Frequency: regularly on the 2nd and 4th Sundays 4-8pm, Come & Go
also special events like Shakespeare in the Park and Concerts

Cost: $1 in a jar each time to support this listing. Order/pay for own food/drinks

Location: TBD - right now its Ringside on Burnside's Happy Hour, on the 2nd Sunday and Clyde Commons Happy Hour on the 4th Sunday - both of those are downtown. Events like Karaoke, Bowling, etc will be listed as they are scheduled.

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