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Donkey Skin (1970) DINNER AT Boscos now. - Fido closed

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A resplendent restoration of one of Demy's most opulent films, a work that still exerts a powerful hold on French popular culture. Making her third appearance for Demy, Catherine Deneuve plays a double role in this spectacular mounting of Charles Perrault's seventeenth-century fairy tale. After his dying queen (Deneuve) makes him swear that he may only remarry a woman as beautiful as she, a widowed king embarks on a search that turns up only one possible candidate: his own daughter, the princess (Deneuve again). The princess manages to continually stall the incestuous marriage by making increasingly extravagant demands, until she is finally forced to flee disguised in the eponymous donkey skin. A dream cast, including Jean Marais as the king and Delphine Seyrig as the princess' fairy godmother, surrounds the delectable Deneuve, and Demy tosses in some startling anachronisms before supplying a classic happy ending full of joy, song, and magic. "A dazzler, an entrancingly beautiful film done with charm, delicacy, taste and high imagination" (International Herald Tribune). France, 1970, 90 min., PG

I've already seen 2 of Demy's films (Lola and Bay of Angels) at the Belcourt this weekend. I encourage you to see as many as you can during this Demy tribute. I hope you can join us for this one!

Link to Belcourt website and trailer:

Dinner at Boscos first for those interested. I'll be at Boscos at 6:20 p.m. It's across from Fido. My cell# is below if you don't spot us.

Parking information:

—Parking's always free in the Belcourt's lot when you're attending a movie (and do note that meters in Hillsboro Village are free on weekends, because there are times the Belcourt lot is completely full). However, you will need to get a parking pass.

—If you buy your ticket online and choose the "print at home" option, you'll have a parking pass attached to your ticket.

—If you buy your ticket at the box office, the Belcourt will actually give you a pass you can put on your dashboard (so you don't have to go back to the paystation and enter a code).

Derek will be in the lobby seated at a table at 7:20 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. If you don't spot us or arrive later, call or text me at[masked]. I'll come out to the lobby and show you where we are sitting at.