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We are forming a new group for younger individuals (20’s and early 30’s) interested in pursuing a serious spiritual inquiry using the ideas and methods developed by GI Gurdjieff and his subsequent pupils.

Who we are: an environmental entrepreneur, an acupuncturist, a hair-stylist and a public high school teacher. We know one another simply because we undertook a similar effort in our early twenties. We are looking to share the fundamentals of this approach with a younger generation.

Interested individuals could be motivated by many many things: A deep sense of being trapped on auto-pilot. A wordless sense of inner longing. A disappointment in the spiritual state of the world around us. A hope for a growing relationship with a more sacred sense of life even in these frenetic modern times.

The Gurdjieff teaching is a unique path toward the awaking of a new relationship with life. It is heavily dependent on working closely with peers and mentors in the context of diligent self study. Various activities of a community support the teaching. We devote time to discussions, music, dance, theater, poetry, cooking, carving, sewing, painting, furniture making, etc., all in an effort to study and strengthen the attention, sensibility and sensitivity of the various aspects of a whole person.

For more information please contact us at introductorygroup@gmail.com

The meetings are free, informal and in public forums. We are sponsored by the Gurdjieff Society of Masssachusetts.

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This week: Am I trapped and can I be free?

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