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If You Love to Hike, Workout and be Outdoors- Then Join Us!

We will meet at a designated area; Can be at the bottom of the Hollywood Sign, Runyon, Mt Baldy, Topanga Canyon or other surrounding hikes.

You will receive a soft resistance hip band from us to use while warming up and to use for the hike. The hip band is part of the hike/ workout- It will activate all your muscles in your lower body and prevent injuries.

We will use our Hip Bands on and off throughout the hike. Resistance bands are the perfect tool to build strong legs, hips and glutes!

We will walk, do interval training, jumping squats, walking lunges, and so much more, while we hike!

What to expect:

To have fun, of course;)
Spending time outside with like minded people, new friends, old friends (and dogs if you want to bring your furry friend)
Learning a bunch of exercises you can do with a hip band ( they are amazing)
Your legs, hips and butt will say " THANK YOU"!
You will have the best Workout!
Laughter and lots of fun conversations ( we hope) :)
Some of the exercises we will do: Squats, Walking Lunges, Sides to Side Lunges, Jumping Squats, Monster Walks, Speed Skaters, Glute Bridges, Donkey Kicks, Spiderman Pushups and more.
Anyone can join us, but the workout is pretty hard, so you need to be someone that enjoys working out and staying active. Its for ages 18 and up.

Donations are always Appreciated:) but not Mandatory!

We will guarantee a great time!

Check us out on Instagram @sunnielise and @mvsoderholm

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