Open board and card Gaming.

Are you going?

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Every 1st Saturday of the month

Jim's House

5155 Hilltop Cir · East Stroudsburg, PA

How to find us

Blue Mountain Lakes, at Hilltop Cir and Woodbine Ln.


This is a open gaming event. Lets get together to play card and board games. THis is not a Warhammer Event!

Feel free to bring any game, and post below to say what games you can bring. Here is a list of games that I have:

Children & non playing SO's are always welcome. Depending on how many children will attend, we will discuss hiring childcare for the event.

Donations of food, plates, napkins, etc. will always be welcome. Please check the comments below for details on what everyone is bringing. Bring soda if you want it. Food and snacks are pot-luck, so bring something. I have water and coffee. Pizza Hut delivers.

Please note that the driveway has a car-eating-ditch on both sides and parking can be tricky. Do not park next to the fire hydrant (opposite side of the street.) For those of you that want to be able to come and go without a hassle, I recommend parking on the street and walking up. Please do not block the neighbors drives.

PS: Watch out for the speed bumps!!!!!