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Best HypnoBirthing Class in Los Angeles for an easy, no fear birth!
The next class begins Sept 23rd. Do you want you partner to fall even more in love with you while birthing because you do it with such ease and grace, and they have learned how to support you in your birth? Do you want your baby to enter this world in a calm environment? Do you want to reduce your labor time? Do you want to birth a baby that is calm and connected as you have learned the secrets about birthing? Do you want to feel energized and on top of the world after giving birth? You don't run a marathon without training your body, do you? Its the same thing with Birthing. HypnoBirthing classes are only 3hrs long for 4 weeks, that is not a long time to prepare the body for a beautiful birth. Not to mention it is fun. So why not empower yourself with the tools to make it the most beautiful experience of your life! It is that easy. Happy soul, Happy baby, Happy Mother, Happy Father, Happy Family, Happy World! HypnoBirthed babies are known to be more calm and connected upon entering the world. Come learn the easy tools and techniques that hundreds of thousands of woman are learning, in over 40 countries. Doctors are blown away with the techniques of HypnoBirthing. Check out videos on my website of calm, serene, relaxed, mothers giving birth. Whether its your first time, or your 3rd, everyone benefits from this class, as well as the partners.

Meditational Birth

12801 Moorpark st. · Studio City, CA

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Pregnant Woman 1st. time or 5th time, partners are welcome and part of the birthing process! Empowering woman to trust there body while birthing for a beautiful often pain free experience! It may sound impossible to you only because it is the first time you are hearing about it! But there is much evidence and many videos of the proof of gentle, easier birthing! You don't run a marathon without training so why would you birth without training your body and mind! Come and be empowered to change the course of your birth experience! Happy Mother -> Happy Partner-> Happy Baby -> Happy Adult -> Happy Family -> Happy Society -> Happy World -> Happy Planet.

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