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ime to wake up!

We are all living in a city, a world of cultural instability, personal displacement, high expectations, disruptive technologies, and missed opportunities, often unable to truly engage with others, unable to understand ourselves, find our truth. Not quite...complete.

Between executive coaching, corporate workshop, and social meetups, "Studio Sessions" is an innovative hybrid format all about breaking through, establishing a new watermark of personal and professional understanding, of seeing problems in a new, refreshed, and brutally honest light.

Not classic leadership, nor NLP in orientation, it is about real, practical, experiential, personal and cognitive problem solving under a severe and unforgiving magnifying glass, a spotlight to understand and be new.

Only for those able to fully engage, who are aspirational, brilliant and ready to look at themselves honestly and fully, the intensive 2 hour sessions will drive through "live" business/life cases with structured questions, critical thinking, collaboration, reasoned and passionate debate.

You will be challenged, you will question, you will discover new models and methods of thinking and discovery. Fun, maddening, exhilerating...you will make progress.

Groups will be limited to 10-20 motivated, internationally-facing professionals with a mix of Chinese, international, male and female participants will be pre-selected to assure group diversity with aligned motivations and ambitions.

We all have a choice, we all have a chance. Take it.

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