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Practice a Language for Free+Meet People from All Over the World (200+attendees)

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195 people went


Location: 2nd floor of Milestone's, bar area

OK to join halfway or leave early

7+ languages with more than 100 attendees expected.

Meet local Canadians and people from countries all over the world.

Time: 7:30 pm--midnight (OK to join halfway after your dinner, or leave early. Don't come too late though. I expect the peak of the crowd to be around 8:30-9 pm, where some leave by 9 pm and some others join after 8:30 pm.)


FYI 1: Party after this meetup?

OK for you guys to get interested people from the meetup to party at a later time (maybe after 10:30 pm?). E.g., clubbing, dancing, getting a drink/dinner/tea elsewhere.

FYI 2: Many language groups including local native/advanced English speakers and people originally from all over the world

In previous events we have quite a few people from each of the following language groups: English, French, Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin + Cantonese), Japanese, Korean, plus a few Germany, Portuguese, Farsi, Arab... speakers


I am booking the bar area and surrounding seats for our group. If you ever went to TorontoBabel (which has some cool events you can participate in sometimes BTW), that's pretty much the format this time, but we do it for our groups and among our circles of friends, and in the North York area accessible by subway. (We'll adapt and evolve the format to optimize it for our participants along the way...)

Briefly speaking, you can get a drink and mingle in the open area, or sit down to have dinner or some serious conversations and language exchange. People are friendly here--just participate and interact with people in a way you like it. Welcome to let me know if you need any assistance or would like to meet people with certain backgrounds or speak a particular language.

You can join halfway (after 7pm) or leave as early as you wish. Some members will stick around till midnight, but expect 9 pm to be the peak for our crowd this time. (Come at 6 pm if you like to meet more people from my entrepreneurs and business groups.)

Please help promote this event (no matter whether you will definitely make it by then), so that we can together make it a fun and successful event and carry it on!

Details to be updated soon. Let me know if there is any problem. Suggestions welcome.


Participating groups and the associated RSVP counts (as of 4/27 midnight):

Total RSVPs: 202

International Language Exchange (


Study English in Canada (


The Global Network: Professionals &Culture/Travel/Fun Lovers (


Toronto Chinese Exchange (


Toronto Entrepreneurs (


World Cultures and Travel Club (WCTC) (





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