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The Drum Ellipse
***every Tuesday, 7:00pm on the sand -- drumming, dancing, meditating, making music and memories with new and longtime friends and musicians. All hand-drums and percussion instruments welcome. -follow JUNIPERO ave towards the beach, cross ocean ave, down the hill to the beach parking lot (FREE parking after 8pm), turn LEFT at stop sign. we gather at the end of the seawall/sidewalk/parking lot where the parking ends and the beach starts. -stairs, located east of the museum and at molino ave, connect the bluff to the beach. -we'll have extra drums, percussion instruments. -all ages welcome. public event. -please share with friends. -for more info and to post photos and videos:

Long Beach Drum Circle, Drum Ellipse

1 Junipero Ave · Long Beach, CA

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Subtle Nation:

Creating Happiness, Harmony & Success

A calling to the ones who have a calling. A calling to the ones that are here to help & be vessels of the higher good. Our purpose is to serve as a center point for like minded people to gather and grow. Think of the society as a modern day gymnasion, a community of enlightened individuals who are interested in being whole in Mind, Body & Soul. The overall outline will include classes based on occult knowledge as well as the sharing of information which is not being shared on a mass level. We will be discussing and studying philosophy as well as multiple religions & forms of spirituality. We will also be discussing topics that the main stream doesn't want us to know about, much less talk about.

Who should join? Everyone should join!!!! :) From the curious, to the co-creators, to the outcasts, to the ones who have had a full blown 10th dimensional awakening. If you are seeking to manifest ultimate happiness, harmony and success in you & in all that is around you then I encourage you to join. There are no dues or fees to join however donations are welcome in any amount you feel is right. Come check us out, no obligation or commitment, only love.

So a little about the types of events that we'll be hosting:

Large Events:

These are large scale events that the general public may be aware of already. Simply put they are cool events and when posted we seek to gather a group to go to these events with. These events are not directly setup by Subtle Nation and are "Host Free", whether if you chose to go by yourself or as a group all I ask is that you enjoy yourself and have an amazing time.

Subtle Nation Events:

These are events that are setup by Subtle Nation. These events will be smaller and more intimate in nature and will vary widely in nature. The price for "Subtle Nation Events" will depend on the event setup cost and host. If you are interested in setting up an event/ hosting please feel free to message me. Once again this is a community of collaboration. Some events that are currently in the works include retreats & seminars, hikes in nature and walks on the beach, volunteer events and galas just to mention a few.

Courses & Conversations:

The Courses will be posted on the events calendar. The courses have a set itinerary and led in more of a classroom style setting. I would recommend the courses to those who are seeking more information on specific topics. The course price, length & details will be posted on the course calendar.

The Conversations are lighter in nature and there is no charge for these meetups. The conversations will vary in topic and be held in free spaces such as coffee shops, bars, parks, the beach or my house.

If you feel as if though you would like to either teach a course or lead a conversation please feel free to inbox me with the details and I will get back to you.

One on One:

How may I serve you is the question? The purpose of each session will depend on what it is you are looking for. Let your heart be inspired and let us find the light. This was my inspiration for starting up Subtle Nation and is my personal joy. Message me if you have any questions about One on Ones or if you are interested in scheduling one, as there will not be any One on One calendar events posted.

The Committee:

I am seeking a select group of individuals to further the Subtle Nation. If you are interested in joining the creation committee please let me know. The next step would be to fill out an application and if selected you will be asked to interview with the head committee. These are volunteer positions and there is a selection process.

Once again we are a community of Leaders, Lovers & Beings.

May your reality manifest for the best of you and all those involved and may the vibration of the collective consciousness raise. Thank you for your interest in Subtle Nation and I look forward in meeting you soon. - Blessings and Positive Vibration

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