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Success Maximum is a series of NLP Training (http://SuccessMaximum.com) & Interventions events for friends interested in building up their life using NLP and Timeline Modalities.

Success Maximum comes to you from BusinessUniv (an ISO Certified Company) and Ashish Sehgal, with his vast experience in Neuro linguistic Programming, NLP Coaching, NLP Training, Deep Installations & Therapy using NLP.

The purpose of this meetup group is to make our fellows aware of the new developments in the field of NLP and to provide a mutually supportive system for NLP Enthusiasts to learn, practice and explore more.

We often host Free NLP Training Sessions and if you find yourself really interested in how NLP changes lives within minutes and hours, you are most welcome to register in our free NLP sessions.

Once again, I welcome you to the Success maximum NLP Training Group.
You can find more information on http://SuccessMaximum.com Website.

Thanks & Lots of Love

Ashish Sehgal
NLP Master Practitioner, Facilitator & Success Coach
http://SuccessMaximum.com ( A BusinessUniv Life Trainings (http://BusinessUniv.com) initiative)

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