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Attention women entrepreneurs....


Are you trying to create a look that lets you stand out as an expert while looking approachable and feeling comfortable?

Do you want to exude confidence when you represent your business, every time?

Join my Successful Women Shopping Meet-up for
• Clothing and accessory picks for a professional look
• Style tips to celebrate the body you have now
• Powerful resources to grow your business in an aligned way
• A community of women building influence, impact, and prosperity

My name is Vaidehi Normand. I am an image consultant, entrepreneur and a new mom. I need an image that makes the biggest impact when I represent my business while being practical with my changing body and lifestyle. I love helping my clients do the same. Every week I find style solutions for women entrepreneurs on the rise.

Every month, you can expect…
• Clothing and accessory picks
• New shopping resources
• Business resources
• An opportunity to shop with me

Successful women find a way to achieve their goals in the most efficient way possible. Shopping with a formula to saves you time and ensures you look your best every time you represent your business.

Shop with a “Fashion Formula.” As an image consult, I give my clients a “Fashion Formula” for picking clothing and accessories that look best on them. I use the four seasons of color (color typing system) winter, spring, summer, and autumn, a body typing system, and the seven elements of design to determine each fashion formula. I pick out clothing that can be used in a professional setting like networking, speaking, recording a video or hosting a webinar.

I live a very casual life in the mountains of Santa Cruz but I know how powerful my work is so when I dress to represent my business, I dress very intentionally to make it easy for my potential clients to see me as an expert and get results I have to offer. I want that for you too!

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