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Tomorrow Online Taster: Releasing Abundance Blocks in your life

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Join me for a special and unique ONLINE TASTER workshop on TUESDay evening 15th January at 8.00PM

Location: Online, register to receive the login details for the online workshop.

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PC/Mac/Ipad and headset, webcam (if available)

As 2013 begins, your goals may be to improve
- finances
- relationships
- health & wellbeing

- your happiness


While you are excited about a new start of the year, you may also have nagging doubts as to how this year will be different than the previous one.

Your feelings of doubt, worry or ambiguity may be subtle or strong.

No matter in what form these abundance blocks may appear in your life, if you are not taking pro-active action to change what you are doing rigorously or your consciousness in an area of struggle, you are keeping in place an abundance block.

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This workshop is for you IF:

- you have feelings of doubt, confusion, trepidation or worry regarding your goals being achievable

- you doubt whether you have what it takes

- some of your goals seem like a pipedream

- you feel you have tried many things, but despite all the effort, you are not getting results

- you keep procrastinating or self sabotaging your self

- you keep struggling in certain areas of your life

- You are feeling blocks in going for what you want or actually achieving what you want effortlessly, things are a struggle or just out of reach;


- Have an experiential ONLINE CLASS where you get a taster of the new 10 weeks DELIBERATE CO-CREATION WITH PROSPERITY CONSECIOUSNESS ONLINE WORKSHOP that launches in February.

- You will be enabled to experience how constellations and energy work assist you in pin pointing energy blocks to the goals that you have set for your self

- Get a clear idea of how the Quantum Knowing Field can assist you in accessing information regarding your subconscious programming in a certain area of life: know your programming that is working against your conscious intentions so you can achieve re-alignment with what it is you really want.

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In this workshop we will work using a process called constellations that taps into the QUANTUM KNOWING FIELD to access the information surrounding the issues you are struggling with.

During a constellation people in the workshop represent various aspects of an issue and in doing so reveal the hidden dynamic of a goal or a situation.


Example; A client feels very blocked in earning money or getting the relationship she wants.
In the constellation we would review her relationship with “ money” and “intimate relationships”. The participants in a constellation start ‘channeling’ the exact information needed for the client/issue holder to release the block to ‘money’ or the ‘ideal relationship’.

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During a constellation everybody is actively involved and there is no analysis paralysis, instead there is an active use of the collective wisdom in the group to achieve a release of the abundance block for the highest good of the group present.

As we are working with group intention and collective wisdom, everybody who is involved gets something out of the constellation. Nobody is left out during the group work.

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