What we're about

If you are interested in personal growth and nurturing your relationship(s), our MeetUps are perfect for you.

We cover a variety of topics and provide concepts, strategies, techniques, tools and best practices for creating a radiant relationship(s) and meaningful life. Our emphasis is on personal growth and intentionally being in relationship.

Our material and experiences assists you make more effective investments on your self, and your partner and other loved ones, for increased peace, joy, love, connection, intimacy and fun in your life and relationship(s).

Connect with Your Authentic Self
Connect with Your Partner & Other Loved Ones
Connect with a New Family & Community
Create a New World...

Intimate partners can attend alone or with their partner, and/or bring a guest. :)

Based on the Successful Couples Strategy(tm) by Emma K. Viglucci, LMFT of www.metrorelationship.com

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1Day Relationship Enrichment Retreat(tm)

La Nacional

Connection Workshop

Tournesol Wellness

Connection Workshop

Tournesol Wellness


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