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sale Pronounced [seyl]

noun1. the act of selling (

This New Meetup Group is perfect for anyone who sells. But hey - we all do that right? It might have been just last night when you successfully sold your wife on going for a burger and a beer versus her favorite sushi restaurant. Or maybe you sold your husband on seeing the latest romantic comedy over the action thriller he had his eye on last weekend. Yep - even outside of work we "sell" everyday.

This Meetup group is ideal for any individual, consultant or high performance business who wants to grow their sales or management skills with a unique approach that's 180 degrees different from traditional training and coaching programs.

We will host a Sales Meetup once a month to give you a good solid dose of sales training to boost you up "between the ears", which is where all good selling occurs.

As the famous W. Clement Stone once said,"Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesman - not the attitude of the prospect."

We use a results-oriented proven Sales Training Program that will impact the bottom line. In-depth workshops are designed to take the experienced as well as the inexperienced sales professional to the next level in their sales career.

The Sandler Training ( philosophy and curriculum is based on the concept of balance within three major components of the same role. Attitude is primary because it drives performance. Behavior is what makes sales happen. Technique makes sales representatives more effective when they are in front of prospects and clients.

When salespeople learn how to sell differently, they avoid the common pitfalls and quickly rise to the top of their selling game. Join us now to gain some "light bulb" moments and become a sales superhero in your business!

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