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This group is for experienced and aspiring web and mobile app developers of all skill levels. If you wish to learn, teach or share ideas about website and mobile application development this is for you. In addition to development, we will discuss marketing strategies and ways to monetize and promote your website and mobile applications.

Join us on Slack at LIAppDevs.Slack.Com or follow this link https://join.slack.com/t/liappdevs/shared_invite/enQtNTU2MTUwMzQ1OTQwLThiMDgzZWRmYTYyZjQ0MTJhN2QwYzQwYmMzZjA1OGRjYzMwNGM3NDMxOTM0YTJlNDUxOGFmZGUzNDlkZTgzNTU

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February Meetup at Launchpad Huntington

LaunchPad Huntington

Tuesday February 26th, 2019 (Note: was previously scheduled for Wednesday, February 20, 2019) Product Demo Night 6:30pm - 6:45pm - Introductions 6:45pm - 8:15pm - Product Demonstrations ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Publius - https://publius.herokuapp.com/app We will cover the app life cycle from the idea/wire framing phase to full fledged deployment. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. WeTeachYouEverything We offer DIY Marketing Workshops For Your Business http://www.weteachueverything.com/ We will share simple easy step by step instructions on how to market your business and bring in customers they way big companies do. We have 20+ years experience in advertising, marketing, digital and social media. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. SMARTgame® is a powerful, versatile school supply that teaches young children how to make productive choices independently and consistently. It harnesses the power of play, imagination, community and nature to encourage positive behaviors and reinforce healthy lifestyle patterns. SMARTgame® intervenes at the foundational stage of learning and teaches the art of balanced success. This is the most effective way to protect children from a myriad of future problems of mind/body/spirit. https://www.smartgame.org/ ​ 8:15pm - 8:30pm - Networking

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January Meetup

LaunchPad Huntington