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I was a seeker of Truth myself and was not satisfied with outward meanings of religions and many modern spiritual ideologies and philosophies. After going through dark night of the soul, depression and not knowing the meaning of life - I broke down one night on my bathroom floor and just cried for help if any "God" out there can help me know the Truth and why I am here and what is all this about? After that night I felt I became more open and receptive rather than a skeptic like I always was. I was slowly being guided to different spiritual books, videos, dreams, meditations, seminars to increase my understanding of myself and help me "surrender" more. And then one day my Master / Sufi Saint found me through one of His students on Facebook (whom I had seen in my dream few years ago but didn’t recognize Him until after a year). I was a skeptic all my life but after talking to His student and doing meditation with him on phone, something awakened in me that made me fly to London within 2 weeks to see the Master who was visiting there at that time. I had everything in my life before - yet I always felt something was missing. I thought that was a normal state to live in, but now I can see how much darkness and unawareness I was in and how hungry my soul was for true love and contentment that can only come from knowing our own Truth.

My experience with My Master:

When I met my Master, I walked in the room where many people were sitting. I looked at the Master who seemed very normal, very humble, down to earth and just normal. I guess I expected him to certain way due to my egoic mindset at that time. I sat down and remembered the words of fellow students on the Path to be empty and open. I closed my eyes and slowly there was this subtle feeling that everything is okay. My skeptic mind became very quiet and all the questions of the passionate seeker in me fell away. I was in a state of surrender. Slowly my breaths became extremely blissful and everything felt light infused with Love and Peace. I couldn’t stop gazing at the face of the Master as he was talking to people. His Face, His Eyes. There was this mysterious feeling of knowing Him from somewhere before. This feeling of immense love, purity, acceptance, curiosity, innocence, compassion, respect, humility, divinity…I really have no words to describe that feeling. I was just in total awe of Him. Suddenly he looked into my eyes and I felt something out of this world. The closest way I can describe it was that it felt like My Heart, My Soul is looking at itself. A tiny glimpse of Oneness. There was no me or Him. There was only One. The body, mind, time, space, everything didn’t mean anything and only sense of One Presence which is beyond description. It was the most freeing, most compassionate, most beautiful, most fulfilling, most intense, an experience of wholeness, a feeling of being Home. Remembrance of something I always knew deep down.

This was where my true spiritual journey began. I was there for 3 days the first time I went and the experiences were different next 2 days. However this meeting was enough for me to come back and start my journey from ego-self to True self. He created a FIRE, a deep longing in my Heart that slowly destroys everything within me that’s not Me. The Path of Love & Self Realization is not easy path for the ego, as ego is very tricky and strong. However with the Presence of a fully Realized Master who is One with the Divine - it becomes easier for the student to recognize his Ego. "One who recognizes Himself, recognizes God." A sincere seeker will finds his destination. There is a quote that says, “when a student is ready, Master appears.” As seekers, our job is to sincerely seek, become more softer and humble, and open our hearts with meditation and contemplation.

Sufism defined from a Sufi Book:

Sufism is a mystical path of love in which God, or Truth, is experienced as the Beloved. The inner relationship of lover and Beloved is the core of the Sufi path. Through love the seeker is taken to God. From separation to Union with God.

The Sufi path helps to make us aware of the divine consciousness of the Self that is found within the heart, and at the same time guides us away from the limited consciousness of the ego. The journey from the ego to the Self is the eternal journey of the soul, of the exile returning home. In this world we have forgotten our real nature and identify with the ego. The journey home frees us from the grip of the ego and the illusory nature of its desires. We are led to the real fulfillment that can only come from knowing what we really are, tasting the truth of our divine essence.


The gatherings include reading sufi and mystical poetry and texts, sharing any questions and thoughts we may have and spend time in Zikr/chanting, meditation, silence and connecting with deeper parts of our Heart.

The chanting includes following scared verses:
Bismillah Hir-Rahman Ni-Rahim
La Illaha Il Lalla
Il Lalla Hu Il Lalla
Allah Hu Allah
Allah Hu

Feel free to message me for any questions and suggestions. If you'd like to meet for one on one meeting/meditation or have any other suggestions, please let me know.

Peace & Love

You are another me.
I am another you. - Rumi

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