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Let the Sumerian Rennaissance Begin! Welcome to our second year of summertime celebration of the Sumerian and Babylonian Gods and Goddesses. This year we will be having a weekend Festival June 9th through June 11th. The Hands of Change coven presents Ishtarfest - Sumer Faire for the weekend of June 9th through June 11th, 2017.

Throw off the cares of the modern world and immerse yourself in Babylonian culture and worship for the weekend with us! This festival is in honor of Ishtar (also known as Inanna and Astarte) which introduces you to the Babylonian pantheon, helps you learn a little about our Pagan roots in the fertile crescent of Mesopotamia and fills you with festivity and delight.

Ishtarfest will be held in Central, NJ. Upon completing the registration, registered participants will receive the address.

The weekend-long festival will have tons of activities for the entire family. You can participate in a processional, attend Ishtar's wedding, join the afternoon post-wedding carnival of games and contests, and many surprises throughout the weekend.

Friday night we will have a full moon ritual circle, Saturday night will be a drum circle, We will have vendors and readers and food available. Children are welcome and there are activities for people of all ages.

Ticket prices $75 for the weekend, $40 for Saturday only (includes dinner feast for all), $15 for children 12-17, and free for children 11 and under. Admission includes camping (for the weekend price) and a Saturday night dinner feast for attendees. Those coming in costume will receive a free crescent roll.

Additional information will be added as it becomes available.

There will be vendor spaces & advertising opportunities available!

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