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Hello! On behalf of the group I welcome you as another teacher/student like we all are. We have no leader. We act entirely as a group. Please feel free to bring a selection to either read aloud or have it read aloud for you. Any of your favorite spiritual authors or texts are welcome. It can be a short paragraph or up to about one and a half pages long.

Selections we heard from during our last meetup were from, Guy Finley, Adyashanti, A Course in Miracles, Gina Lake, Alan Watts and Eckhart Tolle. We are open to just about everything, especially non-duality! You can also simply attend and listen. You may also share whatever you would like to talk about and offer for discussion.

We begin the Wednesday meetings with a two minute group meditation to focus our intention before we open it up for discussion and reading.

Between meetups I encourage you to join us on Facebook. I am available by email at the address below, and I can add you, or you can visit our webpage on Facebook and ask to join. The name of the group is: “Awakening together in Sumner.” Please feel free to start up a discussion point. This is a good way for those who have trouble getting to a meeting to have meaningful contact with fellow seekers – so by your sharing you may help someone who needs it!

See you soon- and watch for announcements of spontaneous get togethers outside of the regularly scheduled Wednesday night meetings.

Danny – “Awakening Together” Co-organizer danny@skynetbb.com

Kaelen – Co-Organizer kaelen@thedreamtrail.com

Cari – Co-organizer cj_radio@hotmail.com

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Meeting Feb 20: discussion of Michael Pollen's book How To Change Your MInd,

Welcome to a lively discussion of Michael Pollen's book "How to change your mind" including definitions, the source, and the purpose of the Ego, and ways to disassociate the true self from the Ego. Come prepared to listen, to learn and to teach. Bring your own favorite sources on how to experience Non-duality, your wisdom, and your inner seeker. Feel free to bring a friend. Following the meeting there will be a short planning meeting to set up future topics and speakers. Please come!

Reiki Share and The Circle Of Freedom 2 - How Letting go of judgement frees YOU

[masked], Monday, 7pm - 9pm, REIKI SHARE and the Circle of Freedom 2 How Not judging releases you into Freedom. Embracing the Circle of Freedom. Understanding and embracing this cosmic law, will bring you True freedom. We always begin by breaking up blocked, stuck energy. We will set our new life intention and seal it and empower it with Reiki. We will also power up and cleanse our chakras with the energetic aid of our Crystal friends. FREE to attend, donations to help pay for the space are appreciated.

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Reiki Share and The Circle Of Freedom

621 Pacific Ave

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