What we're about

If you are an outdoor enthusiast who does recreational sports and enjoys meeting like minded individuals with a positive outlook on life then this is the group for you!

The activities we will be doing are road biking, trail biking, kayaking, camping, hiking, kayak camping, some outdoor festivals and breaking bread at local eating and drinking establishments normally after the above activities.

All skill levels are welcome, just pay close attention to the skill level needed for the individual posted activity you are interested in. Contact information will always given at least 24 hrs. prior to any activity so you can be assured of finding your Meetup Group. We are looking for organizers so anyone responsible and interested in leading group activities is also welcome. There are no dues for initial membership at this time.

Some Meetup activities will require each individual to sign up with no plus ones. This is to ensure all participants have read what the event entails, is aware of their responsibilities and capabilities.

Thanks for your interest in the group,


Note: No show RSVP's will be tracked for removal from future limited events. Meaning events limited to a number of people. Strictly enforced!

By joining the group and saying YES to any RSVP you and your guest agree to the following:

Attendees understand that during their participation in any Events they may be exposed to a variety of hazards and risks, foreseen or unforeseen, which are inherent in each Event and cannot be eliminated without destroying the unique character of the Event. These inherent risks include, but are not limited to, property loss or damage, getting personally lost, trapped or separated from the group, and the dangers of serious personal injury and death (“Injuries and Damages”) from exposure to the hazards of our activities. Attendees know that Injuries and Damages can occur by natural causes, equipment failure or activities of other persons, animals, insects, plants, our surroundings, group members, Event leaders, organizers and assistants or third parties, either as a result of negligence or because of other reasons.

Attendees understand that risks of such Injuries and Damages are involved in outdoor activity such as our meetup Events and appreciate that they may have to exercise extra care for their own person and for others around them in the face of such hazards. They further understand that on any Event there may not be rescue or medical facilities or expertise necessary to deal with the Injuries and Damages to which they may be exposed. Therefore in consideration for participating in Events, to the fullest extent allowed by law, Attendees agree to WAIVE, DISCHARGE CLAIMS, AND RELEASE FROM LIABILITY the organizers, leaders, volunteers and members of the group from any and all liability on account of, or in any way resulting from Injuries and Damages, even if caused by negligence, in any way connected with our Events. Attendees further agree to HOLD HARMLESS the organizers, leaders, volunteers and members of our group from any claims, damages, injuries or losses caused by their own negligence while a participant on the Event. Attendees understand and intend that this assumption of risk and release is binding upon their heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, and includes any minors or pets accompanying them on the Events.

All Attendees have read this document in its entirety and freely and voluntarily assume all risks of such Injuries and Damages and notwithstanding such risks, agree to participate in the Events they attend under these terms.

Upcoming events (1)

Easy Biking on the Legacy Trail

7905 McIntosh Rd

Note the date and new start time. The ride is about 18 miles, out and back, with speeds between 10-12 mph. There are 2 stops for water, more if we spot an alligator. We start in the dirt parking lot, not Culverhouse. There is a Legacy Trail parking sign next to the turn. Bring: road ready bike, helmet, water, snack, spare tube or co2 cartridge for flats and anything else you think you'll need.

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Easy Biking on the Legacy Trail

The Legacy Trail

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