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Our open table is great for those new to Dungeons & Dragons: rather than commit to a long-term regular campaign, you bring your character any week that you can make it. (Presumably, you’re off having other adventures when you’re not with us!) Almost all of our attendees are playing Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition for the first time and for some this is their first role-playing game.

We meet every Sunday at 3 pm. When we have more than 7 players, Meetup maintains a waitlist, so please sign up, and you will be emailed if someone cancels.

This event is open to anyone 13 years old and up. There’s no need to buy anything, nor do you need to have prior experience with D&D. We will teach you what you need.

Our adventures take place in and around Melvaunt, the City of a Thousand Forges. It’s a city of smithing and mercantile services, covered in a mist rising from the Moonsea in Forgotten Realms. Our heroes are tasked with keeping the peace and ferreting out anyone intending to bring harm to the city. The story so far:

We have pre-generated characters that you can use, but you may want to create your own character. If you need help, post a message here, or - if scheduled in advance - we can meet a half hour before any event to create your character. The free D&D Basic Rules cover this as well as exploration and combat:

Here's another free reference that may be useful:

Of course, if you enjoy the campaign, the Dark Side has a range of books, player aids, dice, and miniatures to help bring your adventure to life.

Interested in D&D Adventurers League instead? We've got you covered! Check out:

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