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about Humanism

In this session we will consider why it is precisely that we are here. What is it about Humanism that draws interest and over so long a span of time.?

1. Where did Humanism come from? What is it about human beings that makes them ask certain kinds of questions, even when it goes against the grain of the prevailing belief system?

2. What does Humanism contribute to contemporary society? What role does it play in American and world intellectual life, and how does that role intersect with the lives of all citizens?

3. How can Humanists contribute to meeting the challenges of our future? Will it, or should it participate more directly in the political process outside discussions of policy?

Join Us !

Feel encouraged to come to the Darwins Gift presentation on Saturday February 9th at the Clearwater UU congregation.

Charles Darwin Day - A day of Science

The Tampa Bay Coalition of Reason Presents, Darwin’s Gift
A half day exploration of the meaning and potential of Science.
Saturday, February 9th 2013
10 AM to 2 PM
Among our distinguished speakers will be:
*Sean Faircloth, of the Dawkins Institute
*Jim Strayer, Biologist, Univ. Michigan
*Ryan Cragun, Ph. D. Univ. Tampa

This will be at the Clearwater UU Hall
at 2470 Nursery Road, Clearwater.
The cost is $15 before 1-30, or $20 after.
Price includes lunch.

Tickets may be purchased ( for $15 prior to 1-31-13) from CoR Organizations, or be ordered from Facilitator, Rick O’Keefe. Mail your check made out to TBCoR, or credit card#, exp., and full name on card to: TBCoR c/o O’Keefe, 4011 S Manhattan Ave. Box 139, Tampa, FL 33611.

There will be exhibits and displays from various scientific groups, and those supporting science, and a range of freethought groups. We are anticipating a good response to this event; get your tickets early.

This will be your opportunity to ask nationally recognized experts about some of the central ideas and current issues that will shape our future. As rational people, it is our responsibility to try to ensure that society marshals its best resources for the difficult times that lie ahead. This includes the struggle against the anti-rational forces that continue to dominate our society. Science is a powerful ally. Its methods and the body of knowledge it has created defines the success of the human species. Be there! Read more about it in our newsletter here: JP