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This is the third installment of a group which started in Maui. It started as an idea to just get people together on a regular basis and do something fun together every Sunday morning. It grew exponentially and when I moved to Oahu I started my second meetup there. Now I'm back in Portland and have passed off the other 2 groups such to very capable leaders. If you find yourself IN HAWAII, you should look them up.
But enough of that...Thangs you should know. Group will meet typically every Wednesday at 10 am. Hikes will be typically between 6-10 miles. We may also do some fun other hikes or events on other days of the week as the mood strikes but will focus on Wednesdays. I realize Wednesday is an odd day for hiking but I work EVERY weekend, so Wednesday it will have to be.
Usually we will meet at trailhead but if parking is bad we will meet at a parking lot and rally in together.
Hike at your own pace. I don't require you to match my pace, I find that the people hike for different reasons and you should do what works for you. Most hikes we do will be found on the "all trails" app. And if we think junctions will be different follow we will place marking tape.
Please wear appropriate shoes for hiking (hiking boots, trail runners, etc. No flat bottomed shoes) and bring with you spikes for muddy or loose dirt conditions.

Bring ample amounts of water and drink it. I recommend at least 2 Liters.

Optional, but suggested stuff to bring: A snack or two, bug spray, sunscreen, trekking poles, a headlamp, a dry bag, small first aid kit.

IMPORTANT, I don't generally like to take the same trail twice so odds are that on any given hike I haven'the been there before. I STRONGLY urge you to research before you start a hike and get a feel for what you'll be getting yourself into. This does mean sometimes we have to back track a bit and we quite often have adventures that other groups don't. That said i'very hiked every Sundayfor the last three years and never been lost yet. If things ever got bad I do carry a PLB

SAFETY TIPS FOR HIKING: Inform a friend of your route and your expected time of return. Never hike alone or go beyond your capability Always bring water, basic first aid kit and rain gear, just in case. Do not drink stream water which contains biological impurities STAY ON THE TRAIL. YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN HEALTH AND SAFETY Plan your hike by knowing the terrain to be covered, the length of the trail, weather conditions, time of day, and hazards along the trail. Allow ample time to return before nightfall by figuring 1.5 miles per hour. Carry proper equipment, including a first aid kit and plenty of water. Wear proper shoes and clothing. Stay on the designated trail and be extra cautious when crossing streams and walking on wet, slippery trails or on loose, crumbly soil or rock. Hike in a group and keep track of those in your party.

It all distills to this: Use caution and take care of yourself. Know your limitations and be realistic about them. When in doubt ask! Of course have fun but also take care of yourself

DISCLAIMER NOTICE: RELEASE OF LIABILITY "Sunday Day Hikes" hiking group, including the Organizer, Co-Organizer, Assistant Organizers, Event Organizers, club's members, and other hikers with whom you hike. Knowing of this notice, by participating in any hikes/events posted on this or any other site are the responsibility of those who participated. "Sunday Day Hikes" hiking group are not liable for any loss, damages, legal fees, medical fees, injury or death incurred as a result in participating in any of our hikes or events. Each person who participates accepts responsibility of making their own determinations and for their own safety, conduct and well being; recognizes that possible hazards when attending outdoor activities and agrees to participate solely at your own risk.

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Tarbell Trail Hidden Falls

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Henry Hagg Lake Trail via SW West Shore Drive

Henry Hagg Lake Trail Loop

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