Sunday Assembly Bristol: December. DRAGONS VS DINOSAURS

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15 people went

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Look, we know how you're feeling. Halloween was followed almost immediately by loads of kids setting off fireworks, and before you’ve even caught up on your sleep from that you’re being beaten around the head with Christmas messages.
Marmite is going up in price, tolberlones have turned into bike racks and, you know, “the event” that we don’t talk about anymore.

So what we need is some fantastical escape to make us all feel better. And we have got a fantastical escape for YOU!

So the theme of the next assembly is going to be the understated title DRAGONS VS DINOSAURS.
If that didn’t pique your interest to come along, we’ve got Nathalia Gjersoe who is a senior lecturer in developmental psychology at the University of Bath, and has written for the Guardian, and will actually be performing at the Sunday Assembly for her second time. Expect pop songs, cake (please don’t forget to bring cake) and, hey, you might even learn something.

We’re also collecting for our homeless appeal so don’t forget to bring your bag or box full of stuff. A full breakdown of what we need can be found on our website (

If you've never been to Sunday Assembly before, I've basically outlined what's going to happen above. And you'll get to high five a bunch of people as well which is pretty nice.

If you have been before, we'd love to have you at our Welcoming stand. If you're able to say hello to people for about 20 minutes you're already qualified for the role, so just comment on here and we'll be chuffed to have you on board.