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Sunday Assembly NYC - Mythology

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Mythology is the stories cultures share to answer life's larger mysteries: why the world is the way it is, where we come from, and what happens when we die. Sunday Assembly NYC will explore the questions, the stories and how the role of mythology has evolved in this latest era of technology, science, and social evolution.

Speakers: Adam Lee, Raymond Arnold, Justina Walford
Musical Guest: The Bliss Jockeys

“Mythology is not a lie, mythology is poetry, it is metaphorical. It has been well said that mythology is the penultimate truth--penultimate because the ultimate cannot be put into words. It is beyond words. Beyond images, beyond that bounding rim of the Buddhist Wheel of Becoming. Mythology pitches the mind beyond that rim, to what can be known but not told.”

― Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth


Adam Lee is an atheist writer and speaker living in New York City. He's the author of the blog Daylight Atheism as well as a book by the same name. He also writes for Alternet, Salon and the Guardian. (

Raymond Arnold has been developing ritual and community for the secular community for four years. Each December, he runs a Secular Solstice that celebrates the story of how humanity transformed winter from a season of darkness to a festival of life. He runs the Sunday Assembly music program, developing original humanist music.

Justina Walford is a horror writer and filmmaker. She is also writing a book about morality and the romanticization of villainy. Justina gets her morality from the mythology of zombie movies and cheesy science fiction.

The Bliss Jockeys: The Bliss Jockeys are a dynamic rock/pop/vocals band with a mythological twist. Part rock, part gospel & part jam band, The Bliss Jockeys feature a small gospel-style choir and deliver a delirious experience that energizes and inspires.

WHERE: New York Society for Ethical Culture, Celebration Hall
WHEN: 2 PM, every first Sunday
WHAT: An hour that combines engaging speakers and toe tapping songs.
WHAT ELSE: Socializing, coffee and cookies after the event