Wizards Unite

This is a past event

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Calling all SAN Harry Potter nerds. It's a holiday and Wizards Unite is having a Brilliant Event. It's centered around Magical Creatures and Shelby Bottoms Nature Center is a great place to find these foundables.

We congregate at the Nature Center around 10 am. We can use the restrooms and then walk the loop. There's a few inns, greenhouses and a fortress at this location.

Plan to bring: water, sunscreen, bug spray, snacks, umbrella or poncho. If the weather becomes severe we may need to leave. Right now it just says scattered thunderstorms. Dress for the weather of course but wear house colors if you wish :)

If you bring a magical creature with you keep them leashed and please be mindful of them while playing the game.

On the Greenway: Keep alert! We'll all be staring at tiny screens instead of taking in the beauty of nature. Please keep greenway muggles in mind. Not all bikers are Captain America and won't yell "On Your Left."

Try not to take up the whole path. Keep only two people to the right to allow for people to pass us or to allow oncoming traffic by.

Turn off the AR feature in the game. With AR on you have to hit your mark when catching the foundables, with it off you can safely step off the path and into the shade. It also saves your battery life :D

Leave the place cleaner than you found it. It's not Disney World so keep your trash with you and if possible clean up more. Remember we're not trying to alert muggles of our presence ;)

How long we stay will depend on how hot, rainy or tired we are after doing one loop of the trail area. You can come and go as needed. If you get there late I'm sure we won't be hard to spot. I plan on walking from the center past the kiddy park and to the bench/fortress and then take a left.