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    Maestro of potentiometers and logarithmic adjustment tools, both of the auditory and ocular varieties. Aka- I make things sound & look good.
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    I've come to face & accept the fact that my beliefs most closely match those of Humanists & non-theists, as opposed to my previous Christianity. I felt very alone leaving organized religion & knew I needed to meet people that share my beliefs.
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    Secular humanist from Rutherford County
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    I'm a middle-aged divorced lady who thinks too much.
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    Hello. I am pleased to join the Sunday group. Nashville Atheists has been my core connect over the past few years. Thoroughly enjoyed this past Sunday which included the Physics Professor from TSU.
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    Hi everyone!
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    Math and Science teacher and all around curious person.
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    I am a P.K. that was deeply involved in church for most of my life. 5 years ago, I lost my faith while reading a book about an atheist who became a Christian...ironic, don't you think? I'm thrilled to be part of such a great group of people.
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    I'm too sociable to deny myself the pleasure of the 3 Fs: Friends, Fun & Food when it's been delivered to my doorstep!
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    Sunday Assembly rocks! I'm a father of two living North of town.
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    Put something here.
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    My husband and I have twin little girls born in 2010.