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This is the regular Sunday activity we call the UU Liberal Arts Group. It's for anyone who is interested in a wide range of subjects from current events to history; from politics to poetry; from local information to world travel. All are welcome from millennials to seniors. Coffee and munchies and child care, if needed (let us know). We meet at 9 in the summer and 9:15 the rest of the year at the Winston Salem Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Winston Salem.

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Unitarians Strike Back

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of W-S

Janet Beckspeaks on "Thoreau, Emerson, Higginson & Child "Rescue" John Brown" Early press reaction to John Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry ranged from indignant horror in the South to stunned disbelief in the North. Four writers, all defenders of Brown, all with Unitarian ties, mounted a fierce public relations campaign to rescue Brown's reputation. Nowhere in modern times, the availability of widespread media notwithstanding, can one find a more effective campaign than theirs.