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July Monthly Gathering: Affordable Housing
Join us for our monthly Sunday Assembly! Once a month we get together to celebrate life, socialize, and learn how to Live Better, Help Often, and Wonder More. In many countries, access to affordable housing is considered a human right that affects the well-being of people and families. While housing discrimination is illegal in the state of Minnesota, providing access to housing is a nuanced issue that extends to zoning laws, neighborhood organizations, and parking restrictions. Jeff Horwich is Director of Policy and External Affairs for the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority. He is a former host and reporter for MPR and a consumer compliance examiner at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). He holds an MS in Applied Economics from the University of Minnesota and a BA in Public Policy from Duke University. Our band will have a few songs to share about housing, plus we'll have a variety of readings, media, and get-to-know-you activities to explore our theme and get us thinking about how and where we live.

Uptown Community Gathering Space

514 Lowry Ave NE · Minneapolis, MN

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    What we're about

    This group is for people interested in meeting for regular Sunday Assemblies in Minneapolis-St Paul.

    All levels of active involvement are appreciated – from ‘use your superpowers to contribute to the planning/organizing/etc.’ to ‘attending Assemblies/being part of the community/gifting the occasional donation’.

    In addition to regular Assemblies, we're going to have even more fun through related social events, and service projects. Anything that helps us "live better, help often, wonder more" is game!

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    Sunday Assembly is a rollicking good way to build a community of mutual support and doing-things-togetherness without invoking any deity.

    An important benefit places of worship offer their members is the social aspect – people they see regularly, drink bad coffee with, send hotdishes to when they're ill, volunteer with, "network" with, and look to for connection and emotional support. There's no reason we can’t do that too, and without dogma – religious, political, or otherwise.

    We'll meet regularly, listen to great talks, sing songs, connect for service projects, and generally celebrate the wonder of this one life we know we have.

    If this sounds like it's for you, it probably is.


    In accordance with our mission to Live Better, Help Often and Wonder More, Sunday Assembly-MSP events are to be safe spaces for its participants. In such, violence of any kind, whether physical, verbal or otherwise, will not be tolerated. If an incident arises, we encourage the use of de-escalation to resolve the conflict before it gets out of control. Should violent behavior occur, we will ask the offender(s) to immediately leave the event. Should s/he become a re-offender at SA events, or if the severity of the offense be deemed substantial enough, the person will be subject to the judgement of the board of directors of SA-MSP. We encourage the use of restorative justice in order to achieve reconciliation after an incident occurs. This approach allows for the dignity and respect of both the victim and the offender. A sincere dialog will allow the victim’s grievances to be heard and understood and allows the offender to take responsibility for her/his actions and make efforts to repair the harm.

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