Kayaking in Sunset Beach. It's summer...


We're still basking in the summer sun here in Sunset Beach. Who wants summer to end? Not I, there is still more to do! What can be a better time to go kayaking than in the calm water of the Huntington Harbor canals?

This is a relaxing, safe way to introduce all ages to kayaking at a very affordable group rental rate. Single and double kayaks to accommodate all sizes. Life jackets, seats and paddles provided. After checking out the kayaks, simply walk to the waters edge and sit down and paddle out through the light traffic canals.
This is a very diverse group with some paddling off alone and with small groups, as well as the main body of paddlers staying together.

If you own a kayak, just show up and participate at no cost. Discounted rental of $10 includes: kayak, seat, paddle and life jacket, as well as basic paddling technique, upon request. You are allowed out for up to 2 hours. Beach attire recommended in relation to the days weather forecast, bring a pair of gloves to paddle with, a towel, sunblock, water and possibly a change of clothes.


**If interested, let's go to lunch afterwards. We can decide after the paddle.