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Gong meditation is a soothing mental massage, an act of “non-doing” that offers quiet refuge from our busy daily lives. Allow yourself an evening to be surrounded by peaceful vibrations as you lay in nature.

Sound practice helps quiet the mind and anchor our thoughts in the present moment. It is not a magical cure, but rather a scientifically proven tool that helps us disengage from undesirable habitual patterns (emotional, intellectual, and physical), in order to develop new positive intentions and behaviors.

Excellent for beginners, gong meditation is sometimes described as a “hard reset” for the mind, a bucket of ice-cold water to wake us up and set the stage for healthy life change.

*Please bring a yoga mat and/or blanket.

*Donation-based class - please give what you’d like.

Main benefits of gong meditation practice:

1) Reduce stress and anxiety

2) Empower positive cognitive change

3) Lessen depression symptoms

4) Access and release emotional traumas

4) Increase self-confidence and attention

5) Improve dynamics between couples

6) Relieve insomnia

7) Trigger and enhance one’s ability to dream

8) Promote increased empathy, compassion and love toward the self and others

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