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Who We Are?

Sunshine Sprouts is a meet up group designed to support First Coast Families interested in laying a foundation for early literacy and enhancing parent/child communication though the use of American Sign Language with babies and children (Birth - 8 years old). We enjoy fun play dates at the park, the beach, library and other great locations in Jacksonville!!

Why Sign with Hearing Children?

When introduced to children at an early age, sign language can help children excel in academics. Studies show that using sign language supports early brain development. Signing with hearing children improves literacy skills, enhances memory retention and fosters a love of learning. The signing time curriculum that we use employs a multi-sensory approach that engages the visual (sight), auditory (hearing), tactile (touch) senses. This approach to teaching provides children with diverse learning styles and skill levels additional support when learning.

Signing also helps to encourage strong family bonds as families sign together in their homes and at signing events. Young children who use sign lnguage often have better self-esteem, fewer temper tantrums, and larger IQs. Teaching your child ASL has the same cognitive benefits as exposing your child to an oral foreign language!

Our Events

We offer several event types to meet the needs of all ages and signing levels. These events include: Baby Signing Time Classes (0-3 years), Signing Time Classes (3 - 8 years), Sign and Grow Classes (All Ages) Signing Time Workshops (All Ages), Sign and Plays (All Ages), Sign and Explore (All Ages), Parent/Care Giver Workshops. Please visit our About page for further details.

Come Sign With Us!!!

We hope your ready to come sign, sing, dance, play, laugh and grow with us!! Contact us today by requesting to Join Our Group. This can be done by clicking the button in the upper right of our meet up page. Once your request is recieved, we will send you an email that includes the membership requirements and meet-up rules. Simply read the email and respond back with an acknowledgement that you have read and accepted the membership rules and requirements within 3 days. We are looking forward to seeing you!!!

Special Note: To make sure you receive our membership confirmation email add to your address book. This will ensure the email isn't sent to Junk Mail or SPAM Mail. Thanks!!

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