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Super Seniors organizes opportunities for seniors (about 60+) to socialize with other seniors in Raleigh and surrounding areas. We will gather for brunches, lunches and dinners; watch movies; go to Farmers Market; go to Museums; and attend various other festivals and events of interest. If there is enough interest, we may take day or weekend trips-maybe even go on a cruise.

Margaret B. and Anne R. organize Super Seniors. If you have questions about the group, you can contact either or both of us. In addition, other members act as event hosts. Since there are multiple hosts, you might see more than one Super Seniors event on same date at same time. Choose one or none.

Welcome to Super Seniors. We are all about being positive, having a good time, trying new things, and meeting new people.

As a reminder, the expectations we have for all members follow.

· You are an active, vibrant and curious senior who wants to meet new people, make new friends, have fun and enjoy yourself.

· Be extremely kind to and respectful of all members of the group. We were not all raised by the same people, so we may have different likes and dislikes. Make an effort to use this as a learning experience.

· Your organizers are volunteers who also want to enjoy events. Keep negative comments and complaints to a minimum. Remember to thank your hosts.

· You have posted a clear, close-up picture of your face without sunglasses or a hat so we can recognize your pretty/handsome face and greet you at events.

· Read the event descriptions thoroughly before you ask a question. Most information (date, time, location, details) are on the page. If you still have questions about an event, you can either post a public comment under that event (like to inquire about carpooling) or send private message to the Event Organizer for that event.

· Do not RSVP to an event invitation initially with “no” or a comment. We’ll assume you’re sorry you can’t attend by your absence; we don’t need to know why.

· If you sign up for an event, attend. Restaurant reservations have been made, people may be waiting for you to start or move on from a meeting place, etc.

· If you can’t attend an event you’ve signed up for and it is MORE than 24 hours before the start time, just change your RSVP from going to not going. No explanation is needed.
If you can’t attend an event you’ve signed up for and it is LESS than 24 hours before the start time, contact your organizer to explain the extenuating circumstances. Failure to attend three events (“No Shows”) for which you are signed up 24 hours before event could lead to suspension from the group.

· Many events are organized for our members only. Please do not ask if you can bring a guest if signing up for event does not offer option to bring guest. Some events will allow guests or entire families, and you’ll find that information in the description. (Membership is free. Your friends can request their own membership.)

· You will pay for your own meals and other expenses required for an event. For most events, you will need to provide your own transportation to events you sign up for. If you carpool, offer your driver money for gas and parking fees.

· For outdoor events, you will dress comfortably, bring water, wear appropriate shoes, and apply sunscreen and/or bug repellent. For walks or hikes, know your own limits.

· If there aren’t enough events in your area or for your interests, consider becoming an event host and scheduling events for your area. See Margaret or Anne.

· You are responsible for yourself during your participation in events and release your organizers and hosts of any liability for participation relating to an event.

Yes, the list is a long one, but we have found it necessary to spell it out. Failure to meet these expectations can result in removal from the group, which will be at sole discretion of the organizers.

If you are new to Meetup and don’t know how to execute some of the actions described here, ask a grandchild (just kidding) or contact Margaret or Anne to help you out. Or just explore the site.

(rev. 8/30/19)

Also, please do not wear perfume, after shave, or other strong scents to Super Seniors events. Some members have allergies to these products.

(rev. 9/30/19)

There will be no selling or business solicitation of other members at group events.

(rev, 10/25/19)

There is zero tolerance of conduct that makes other members uncomfortable or inappropriate interactions between members. Do not contact another member before you have met that member and s/he has agreed to communicate with you. This includes requesting dates, asking personal questions, commenting on appearance, etc. The one word the organizers have heard from members who have been contacted by a stranger is "creepy".

Rev 1/9/2020

Check "Discussions" and "Message Boards" (under "More") periodically for information.

Rev 2/25/2020

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Wine, Chocolate & A Christmas Movie

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Wine, Chocolate & A Christmas Movie

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