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What is Super Supper?

A social meet up group for people who love sharing & trying food from different cultures.

What is its' mission?

To get home cooked food to people on the streets while having fun!

How does it work?


Bring a dish! Ideally home-made. If you don't have time to cook but would still like to come along don't worry! Grab something from the shops on your way, we would rather see you there.

An idea is to bring a dish that represents your heritage or something you would have with your own friends/family.


Share your dish, try someone else's dish & meet like minded people.


We fill containers on everyones' arrival, so some of the food YOU make will go directly to people on the streets after the supper! Not only do you get to meet interesting new people & have a great meal with everyone, you will also help another person on the street have a good nutritious home-made meal.

We literately take to the streets after our supper and offer the containers directly to people who may be experiencing homelessness. It's entirely up to you if you would like to stay to take part in this! After all your work cooking, it's an incredibly rewarding feeling to share some of it with someone less fortunate.

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Hope to see your faces soon!

Shazmin x

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