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Eagle Peak / Yosemite Falls @ 14-15 miles@ 4300 feet elev gain (Yosemite NP)

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16 people went

Price: $1.00 /per person

Needs a location


Eagle peak sits between Yosemite falls and el capitan, I think we can see part of yosemite falls from there, think it gives you a view similar to glacier point just from the other side, the peak is 7779 feet

I have not hiked this peak, we will see how the view will be.

Distance 14-15 miles

Elevation gain estimated @ 4300 feet.

Difficulty **very strenous***

Speed, my hikes go usually at a good speed, not slow.

Meeting time 8 am

meetup fee $ 1

Park entrance fee $ 20 per car, unless you have the nat'l parks pass

**Please read it all first before you add to the waitlist**

** You should have done similar hikes,

**you are responsible for your own safety, staying away from cliffs, drop offs, etc.

**8 am start means you have to leave Bay Area around 4 am. or earlier depending where you live.

Weather / **cancellation** if the weather is really lousy I may cancell this hike on short notice, if you have camp / room reservation you have to either cancell or go and do your own hike

**You have to add to the waitlist and answer my questions which come up when you RSVP, **

** First longer Break, at the first intersection after about 4 miles, this is close to the top of the falls, we get into the forest, there is a creek and trail signs. If you are struggling with the hike this is the time you can bail out and just go to the top of the falls. **I will wait / break for about 15-20 min if you are a lot further behind (we will have moved on if you don't see us there) you will have to just visit the top of the falls and turn around, I am not a really fast hiker and will take some pic's along the way, last time it took around 2 hrs 30 min to get to that intersection. the route to the top of the waterfalls should be well travelled and we return this way, I don't feel like I am abandoning you.

Trail Conditions,

Steep sections, stairs, **slippery areas*** soggy sections**poss. snow***

we may run into a few snow patches / snow fields, going over snow fields is not always easy,

Cross country hiking maybe required if we can't see the trail, I have a gps route up to the Jct where it goes up to Eagle Peak

a meadow we pass through could be very water logged and may cause some wet feet, pack a small towel extra socks just in case.

This is not a hike where you drive up, hike, drive home, that would be a long day with possible traffic on the way home, keep that in mind.

**Camping*** You have to find your own site / share

the only way to find a site will be to keep looking for a cancellation, that's how I got mine. here is the link to the reservation site, ***sites can not be transfered, once in your name you only can cancell if you don't go.***

You can also look for space at lower pines and north pines, just click on "find other facilities" on the top left of that website.


starting from the yosemite falls shuttle stop we go up the trail to the top of yosemite falls, and continue on Hetch hetchy trail for about 0.6 miles and then turn left onto the trail towards El Capitan, after about 1.9 miles we reach the jct for eagle peak, we go up eagle peak and then return via the same route, we can to a short side trip to the top of yoemite falls on the way backl

Trail map (also shows meeting point shuttle stop number 6)

Meeting point,-119.592839&hl=en&ll=37.746171,-119.592356&spn=0.00319,0.003975&sll=37.746163,-119.592356&sspn=0.003207,0.003975&t=h&mra=mift&mrsp=1&sz=18&z=18

This is just before shuttle bus stop number 6 (yosemite falls), there is usually**** roadside parking before the stop,**** we should have no problem at 8

map for shuttle bus

Water*** Make sure to carry a lot of water around 3 liters

Food, make sure to bring, lunch, snacks etc., this will be a strenous hike***

Waiver: please review, no need to print, I will bring a copy to sign.,