Past Meetup

Death Valley Camping and hiking over Thanksgiving , (1-4 nights, or more)

This Meetup is past

15 people went

Price: $15.00 /per person

Needs a location


4 nights Death Valley Camping at Stovepipe Wells (Tuesday night through Friday night)
2 intermediate to advanced hikes

Organized by Chris J.

Fees: $15 (breakdown as follows: $3 meetup / organizing fee, $ 12 for campsite)
Refund: Depending on attendance there will be most likely a partial refund for the camsite fee, or we use it for fire wood if we have to buy some there.
The Fee will be the same if you stay one night or 4 nights
I will ask you to send me a check for $15 (you will receive my address via e-mail)

You will have to add to the wailtlist and once I get the check I will add you to the "yes" list.


Update** I moved the date to Thursday morning to make sure the event stays up until Thursday morning. I still will be down there on Tuesday afternoon.


Keep in mind that the hikes are **NO BEGINNER HIKES**

Cancellations** up to Monday evening Oct 21 (full refund, I will destroy the check)**

Bad Weather, if the forecast is really bad on Sunday Oct. 20 for Thanksgiving at Death Valley, I will cancell. the valley itself gets little rain, but the mountains before the valley can get snowy and the pass to cross into the valley is just below 5000 feet.

I know that most will arrive on Wednesday, and I will be sitting on more campsites than I need on Tuesday, but the campground basically has 3 levels of "tent" sites, about 20 very nice big ones with fire pit, table, tucked away at the end into small sandy hills. the next level is around the restroom, packed dirt, small but has firepit and table. lowest level a spot in the rv parking lot , packed dirt and you get about a double sized car parking spot to put your tent next to it, no firepit or table. (these spots have never filled up when I was there)

By Wednesday night the good sites are gone, the last 2 times I had no trouble getting to nice sites next to each other.

you have the option to stay longer, you and however wants to add can take over one campsite (or two) on Saturday.

Campsites are for 8 ppl, 2 cars, overflow can be parked just outside the camp, last year we did have some extra cars parked at the site,

Park Entrance FEE $ 20 per car, unless you have a valid NP pass

You don't have to join the hikes I will post, you can plan your own

Weather, The average temperature for the Valley is about 70 for a high and 40 for a low,

*** Nights will be cold*** last year it was unusual cold and it dipped into the mid 20s***

Make sure to prepare with warm sleeping bags, extra comforter (I will have my old one ) etc.

***Wind*** it can get windy make sure to stake down the tents extra good.

*** Sand*** if you want it or not, sand will be pretty much everywhere at the end of the camping trip,

*** Store*** a general store is a few hundred feet from the camp, has all your basic stuff,

***Showers** are avail. for around 5 bucks at the lodge across the street.

***Gas** avail. outside the general store **However** ONLY ONE GRADE** I believe it was 89 (Price was actually not bad for the location, much lower then furnance creek or panamint springs)

**Restroom** flush toilets and faucets.

**Phone reception, sorry nobody had reception at this campsite last time, maybe when we hike closer to furnance creek.

**Firewood, if you have room in your car feel free to bring some, will need a lot of it, once the sun sets it will get chilly***

This will be my third trip, below are some links with pictures from the prev. trips.

(I won't be doing the hikes from last time)

Wednesday plan: open for suggestions, perhaps marble canyon

or bad water, golden canyon with red cathedral and up to zabriske point. or....

Tentative planned hikes for Thursday and Friday.

one will be going up a canyon, should be around 8-9 miles roundtrip, est. 1500 feet elev. gain, there won't be a trail, most of the time it will be like hiking in a dry river, **some poss. short rock scrambles, going over / under boulders, the link below has some pic's and a description,

I have not done this hike and we will have to find the entrance to the canyon,

second hike, will be a peak about 7-8 miles roundtrip, 3300 feet elev. gain. **this will be ALL OFF TRAIL** according to the description it is only class 2 , that should mean very little hands on needed to get up / down the peak,

I have not done this hike, and don't have any more info than the description below.

I will post separate meetups for these hikes to sign up for in a couple days.

anyone with any input on these hikes feel free to share.