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Madison Retro Gaming Open Jam


This is a modest, fun-loving group dedicated to learning old video game console songs from like forever ago. The structure is pretty loose. A new song each month, and monthly meetups were we get together, have a good time, and keep each other honest. And to repeat: the goal is really to play music and have a good time. Improvement is nice too, but honestly all skill levels are welcome... and too much experience might be a bad thing.

If however, you are one of the talented musicians in town, please don't let that discourage you (seriously, I need to set expectations upfront). BUT... know that we'd still love to have you! So to make that work, just leave your regular instrument at home and bring something more interesting :)

Meetups will start monthly and see where we go. First scheduled meetup will be sometime in January. Giving me time to find a practice space and get over the panic that is washing over me as I set this thing up tonight :P

:Damian -12/4/18

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