What we're about

The SuperNoVA Creators Group is a talent pool of creatives collaborating on various projects for fun, profit and social benefit.

Our projects center around web & mobile (game) apps and digital content development (e-books, videos, music, etc.).

This group is interdisciplinary, i.e. including web & mobile software developers, musicians, writers, gamers, artists, animators, photographers, videographers, vloggers, (voice) actors, investors and others interested in online entrepreneurship.

Our meetings range from project demos, planning and update meetings to study groups, co-working, jamming & recording sessions- with occasional potlucks, outings and other social activities.

We aim to bring our professional and entrepreneurial goals to fruition thru collaboration using mastermind principles.

We are not a gamedev/tech company or animation studio, but these are the kinds of companies we’d like to springboard by assembling the right combinations of talent, ideas and support.

Our output will include web & mobile apps, e-books, videos, on Google, Apple, Amazon and other platforms.

Upcoming events (1)

‘Big 5’ Whiteboard Technical Interview Practice Session #1

Are you preparing for an on-site technical interview with one of the ‘Big 5’ (Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Apple or Google)?

...or maybe you want to improve your code writing skills for your current position or project.

...or maybe you just like to stay sharp, tackling challenges involving word problems, code writing or discrete math?

If your answer is yes for either one of these questions, and you think mock technical interviews focused on whiteboard coding might help you, then read on.

Many on-site interviews will require applicants to code on a whiteboard, i.e. without the benefit of a compiler or interpreter. Time limits may also factor in, as there are often several interviewers, each presenting multiple problems over the course of a day.

Whiteboard coding may be something we rarely have to do on a regular basis, even as experienced developers. Nevertheless, having this skill is important for passing the technical interview. It may require discipline, but it can be mastered with enough practice.

So this event is similar to a physical fitness or runner’s meetup. Our aim is to improve interviewing skills by training as a group on a regular basis in a mock interview environment where we find/create/solve problems and share tips that can help us ace our on-site visit.

This is the group for you if you’ve applied for a software engineering position with one of the ‘Big 5’, especially if you’ve had a couple of on-site interviews before and want to ace the next one.

We will write code in languages most interviewers are likely to be comfortable with, i.e. Javascript, Java, C, C++.

We'll focus on data structures and algorithms for these sessions and write code without the aid of frameworks or libraries, e.g jQuery.

These sessions will not include much, if any, language & library specific trivia, as these questions tend to be more important for smaller companies, or non-software companies, than the Big 5.

Technical problems from previous interviews where companies have requested confidentiality are **not** allowed in these sessions.

However any questions we find at the link below are fair game.

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