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No doubt about it, step-parenting and managing a blended family can be hard on even the thickest of skins – but I believe it can also be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences we can have in this life. I’m a stepmother to three crazy kids and a wife-to-be to one amazing partner and father. Transitioning from a single – childless lifestyle to an instant family role has proven to be emotionally challenging – forcing me to put some of my needs aside and focus on the needs of others’ children. At least once a week I think – Am I the only stepparent going through these things and having these thoughts? Should I feel bad for thinking these things? What’s normal? Am I taking enough time for myself? Am I structuring this family in a way that will “pay off” down the road when the kids are adults? I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t be the only person going through these things. How nice would it be to connect with other step mothers, step fathers and blended families on a casual level to get these thoughts out in the open. To reassure ourselves that we’re not the only ones going through these things and to learn from one another. No doubt about it, step-parenting and manging a blended family CAN be hard. But with the support of others facing the same challenges and rewards, we can make it a lot easier, and create new close relationships in the process. You should join this group if you: · Are a new stepparent looking for advice and new connections/friendships · Are a stepparent of grown children and would like to offer your advice/guidance OR wanting to connect with other step parents of grown children · Are dating someone with children and considering becoming a step parent, and want to go about it the right way · Are a birth mother or father and want improve your relationship with your spouse or your child’s stepparent. I see this as being a once a month or once every other month type group. I’m looking forward to forming this group and making new connections! Please reach out should you have any suggestions or concerns as I would love to speak with you. - Brittany

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