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How to make & feel deeper, truer connection.

"When I VISIT my loneliness /

It is NEVER in."

- anon.

(* Recommended book: Learning To Love Yourself, by Gay Hendricks. [*Not* to be confused with his later supplementary book The Learning To Love Yourself *Workbook*])

Not only a discussion forum to explore and discuss-*about*, but also and centrally a Support Group for Loneliness… and Owning, Sharing, & Shifting -- TRANSFORMING -- It.

Therapist/Organizer/Host (& group facilitator & supportive guide) Marcus EliYAhu Mann.



Connecting and Presence -- dropping in, to the Here & Now together, & including the inter-activities of Learning To Love Yourself -- WITH the other / one another.

How to make & feel deeper, truer connection.

All you need to bring (aside from the nominal, listed Meetup offering/contribution) is You.

* (PLEASE NOTE!: We only have 50 member-spaces total in our Meetup group, and they are already filled up -- which is great!; but we now have 32 people on a waiting list who want to join, yet all 50 member-spots are "taken".

So...: If you want to join & there's no room left, please join the newer, 'sister'-group, "Support Group For Loneliness *II*". And please only join & be in (i.e., please only *keep* yourself in) this FIRST of our SGFL Meetup groups if you are truly going to attend our Meetings in West Mt. Airy on Saturdays. If you won't actually be RSVPing * (please see below re this) AND attending, please make way and make room for those who now are on the waiting list. THANKS!

AND: If our numbers [of those who choose who remain IN our Meetup group because you are seriously going to RSVP and attend, and of those on our waiting list to join] continue to grow as they have been, then, just as I have organized & host a *2nd* SGFL -- "Support Group for Loneliness *II*: Owning, Sharing ,& Shifting -- TRANSFORMING -- It" -- I may even create a *3rd* one. Each will meet on its own day and/or time as its own Meetup posse/circle within our Meetup cluster of SGFL groups!

- Marcus)

Marcus EliYAhu Mann

101 Carpenter Lane (in West Mt. Airy), Philadelphia, PA 19119

(Next to Chestnut Hill, but just 15 minutes’ drive -- or 20 minutes’ train to here -- from Center City.)

We meet weekly. Saturday(s) at 3:00 pm - 5:30 pm. (Please see & note below re what to know if arrive *before* 3:00.)

A nominal Meetup contribution of $10 per person will be given/received before or at the start of each of our Meetings. See Marcus before or at the start of each Meeting.

Maximum of 12 people — or possibly 14 small ones! ;) (due both to space, & to optimal group dynamics).

TEXT me DIRECTLY offline as well (NOT just online here) to RSVP / CONFIRM ATTENDING.
(Remember, we only have space for 12 -- or maybe 14 at the VERY most! -- at any one Meeting, so please plan & RSVP to me by text offline directly, and well in advance, if you can, before the spaces are taken):
I look forward to hearing from you!

How to find us:
101 Carpenter Lane is the 4-story brick building on the corner of Carpenter Lane and Cresheim Rd. Ring the buzzer that says “Mann, Hyland”. (Note: If you ring before 3:00 pm, there will be no one to answer yet.) I’ll 1st greet you via intercom and come meet you and everyone at the building's front door. We will be up one flight and to the right.

We have an elevator for those who want or need it.
Parking is on both streets.
Carpenter Station -- on the Chestnut Hill West train line -- is 1 block down the street.

I look forward to your presence!


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