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Are you interested in learning how to surf or just try it once? This is the place. Best part about my lessons- they are always free!!


I go by the nickname "Batch" and I have been teaching for years. One day I was teaching a guy to surf, who was visiting from Europe. He had a great time, but I felt so guilty for charging him for the experience because surfing is actually very easy to learn. That day, I thought that if I could afford it one day, I would give lessons for free. Well, now I am fortunate to have a great job, and I can afford to give the lessons for free. All you would need to do is rent a longboard and a wetsuit at a local shop. The best board to rent is a 10 foot longboard. Foam is better than a fiberglass board at first becasue they don't get scratched up.


Why else am I doing this? I have to admit, it has been a lot of fun to meet people from all over the world and help them learn how to be safe in the water and learn about a great sport.


What do I think about people charging money for lessons? Go for it!!!! I just prefer to do it for free. Don't hate me surf Instructors/Surf Shops- when people want Coaching tips and equipment, I will send them your way.


I am really interested in working with Hospitals and various groups that feel that surfing may be beneficial to patients, clients, and members. I would like to work with Addiction recovery groups, Youth Service organizations, and foundations for persons with emotional, spiritual, mental and physical difficulties. People may think that it might not be possible to get somebody in the water with various handicaps but you would be surprised. -

My lessons will happen once or twice a month at various beaches in Orange County and every Saturday in San Diego. See you soon!

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Let’s catch some waves! ( Some experience needed *see details*)

Hello everyone! This meetup is for people who have surfed before and are okay out in the water on their own. If you want to surf with a really supportive group consisting of mostly beginners, come on out! Looks like the waves on Saturday will be good to get some practice in! Bring your wetsuit and board. If you don’t have one rent one at HSS surf shop across the street or at another local shop. If you're still learning, make sure to get a board that is at least 8 feet but preferably 9 or longer. We all try to help each other out so don't be afraid to show up if you don't have much experience. Only by practicing will you improve! Let me know if you have any questions. Hope to see you out there! Below is a description of the photo I have posted.. *Blue dot is lifeguard tower 27(I usually set up between towers 27 &28). Green dot is the HSS rental shop. Yellow area is free parking which includes the lot, PCH street parking, and green belt north of the lot. If you park outside the lot, keep an eye out for any “no parking” signs. There is state beach parking just south of the free lot for $15 for the day. Entrance for the state beach parking is about 1 or 2 miles south of our location on PCH. Once you enter, drive back to the northern most parking lot. That’s where you see the red money symbol in the picture. ————————————————————— Liability waiver: I acknowledge that during the "Surf Lessons on Saturday - Orange County" that neither the organizers of this group or its members are responsible for my safety in any way. Any decisions I make on whether to participate in activities organized by "Surf Lessons on Saturday - Orange County" are my own personal responsibility. I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to be aware of the inherent risks involved in the activities. Because I have been advised that neither the meetup's organizers nor its members are taking any duty to assure my safety, I hereby waive any and all legal claims that I, my heirs and my successors and assigns may have against the "Surf Lessons on Saturday - Orange County" organizers or members for any injuries or damages that I may incur as a result of my participation in the activity. Further, I hold harmless the meetups organizers and its members against any claims for injuries or damages caused by my activities during the meetup. I have read the waiver. By signing-up for the meetup, I agree to the terms for myself and any guests I may bring.

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