• Surrey Jazz Jam - August 10

    Powerhouse Studios


    session 1: 2.30 pm, session 2: 4.30 pm We'll try to keep a balance between same number of instruments. If we have too many similar instruments we may have to scale those back and accept based on 'first come first serve' so please sign up early if you're interested (fees will be refunded if event is cancelled, group is scaled back because of reason described above or member cancels at least 48h before event) Please sign up before attending Address: Powerhouse Studios, Unit 3 Canal Bridge Works Byfleet Road, New Haw KT15 3JE New tunes - TBD we''ll also cover some previously learned tunes, see folder link below. New joiners please select at least 2 from that list) We'll use the song structures from the IrealPro app. Melodies, lyrics and other sources can be found on Youtube, Spotify etc.. Chord charts can be found here: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1aoqKD1_HaIpPfrGTtdvmDMNSJZ7s2dC3 Equipment Each studio room includes 2 guitar amps and 1 bass amp , 2 mics and PA Piano or keyboard can be rented for £5 Cymbals, snare and bass pedal can be rented for £5 Above fees won't apply if more than 4 players per room Feel free to contact me with any questions